Once you find mold in your house, your thoughts will likely turn to gauging how severe the problem is, how far it has spread, and how to remove it without compromising your safety. Even if you do not spot a large area of mold in your Dundee, MI home, a small amount is a major cause for concern. The unfortunate truth is a small amount of mold is an indication much more mold is present in areas you cannot see.

Here is a look at the top signs of mold in the house and how to remove it.

Signs of Mold in the House: You See It With Your Own Eyes

Mold’s warning signs extend beyond its visual presence. If you spot black spots, discolored walls or stained walls, it is an indication of mold. If you see mold, it is a sign the problem has advanced to the point that it requires immediate remediation. There is no sense testing for mold in your Dundee, MI home when it can be seen with the naked eye.

A Musty Odor

Mold typically carries somewhat of a musty odor. If you spot or smell mold, it is imperative you reach out to our mold removal experts available in Dundee, MI for its prompt removal. The odor of mold is a sign it is located beneath or within something such as your home’s attic or walls. The odor of mold should prompt an immediate inspection.

Mold Allergies symptoms Dundee MichiganCertain Health Issues are an Indication Mold is in Your House

Neglect the signs of mold and it will eventually cause significant health problems. Mold causes an increase in allergy symptoms, asthma and problems with the lungs. In particular, mold exposure causes chest tightness and/or shortness of breath. Mold can also prompt eye inflammation, sneezing fits, a runny nose, chest tightness, postnasal drip and nasal congestion.


Mold Stemming From Water

Any sort of water damage in your Dundee home is an indication mold is present. Damage from flooding, leaky pipes, a compromised roof that causes moisture exposure and pipes laden with compensation will all stimulate mold growth.

Information on Mold Remediation in Dundee, MI

Mold issues should be tended to right away. If you let mold remain in your home, it will inevitably spread and likely damage your home. The presence of mold will also pose a threat to your health. If anyone in your home is dealing with asthma, respiratory problems or allergies, mold will only exacerbate these conditions.

If you are like most people, you do not understand the difference between mold removal and mold remediation. Though you might be able to remove a bit of mold, a DIY attempt is unsafe as you might inhale harmful mold spores or spread it around your living space. It is best to rely on a Dundee, MI mold removal service to remove mold in those difficult-to-reach spaces.

Mold remediation is the better option. The mold remediation process is an in-depth, all-encompassing approach to mold removal you and your loved ones need to enjoy your living space with full confidence.

Mold remediation starts with a full assessment of your living space in Dundee. This evaluation empowers our licensed mold remediation experts to pinpoint all signs of mold growth in addition to the source of the growth, whether it is a concealed water source, water damage from a flood etc.

Mold removal remediation dundee mi michigan Mold Remediation Prevents Additional Mold Problems

The mold remediation process will remove mold from your Dundee home and also take the steps necessary to prevent additional mold from growing. This is only possible with specialized containment procedures like negative air chambers that stop mold spores from moving around your home during the cleanup effort. Our air filtration equipment eliminates all of that nasty mold from your air to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Mold Remediation Pros Greg Lambert and Scott DettloffMold & Air Quality Professionals

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